PEM Hardware Insertion

Dale Brisco Inc is a metal fabrication company that provides a wide range of services to customers in the Central Valley region of California. In addition to waterjet cutting, metal bending, powder coating, blasting, hand railing fabrication, MIG, and TIG welding services, we also offer PEM hardware insertion for precision sheet metal fabrication. PEM hardware insertion is a process of inserting PEM (Precision Engineered Manufactured) fasteners, such as nuts, studs, standoffs, and captive panel screws, into sheet metal parts.

PEM hardware insertion is a precise and efficient method that is widely used in various industries such as aerospace, medical, electronics and more, that requires reliable and secure fastening solutions. The process involves creating precision holes in the sheet metal, and then inserting the PEM fastener into the hole, which is then swaged or clinched to create a permanent and secure fastening solution.

Dale Brisco Inc's PEM hardware insertion services are ideal for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective method to secure sheet metal parts together. We have the equipment, experience, and expertise necessary to provide high-quality PEM hardware insertion services for a wide range of projects.