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5-Axis Waterjet Cutting in Fresno California

Dale Brisco Inc., is now offering 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting. Our 5-axis waterjet is capable of cutting intricate parts to print that are not possible on other machining equipment and has the ability to slice through materials and alloys ranging from plastics to titanium.

With 5-Axis capabilities, we can bevel, contour, and 3D cut. This includes both abrasive and non-abrasive processes and because of the cutting stream, it produces a low-contact, no-heat force, and its benefits include burr-free parts with a maximum part size of 78” x 157” with the ability to cut up to 10” thick material in a single pass.

Dale Brisco Inc.'s experience, advanced technology, customization options, versatility, superior quality, and competitive edge make us an excellent choice for all your 5-axis waterjet cutting services.


5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Specifications

Ideal for cutting larger or multiple part projects with rapid water level control for submerged cutting and a work envelope offering X-Y cutting travel from Maximum part size 78” wide x 157” long and Sheet/Slab cutting up to 10” thick. Waterjet technology provides higher cutting accuracies and tighter tolerances than other standard cutting processes:

  • Capacity:
    • No min. up to 8” thick (max)
  • Thickness:
    • 0 to 10”
  • Width:
    • 1/2” to 78”
  • Length:
    • 1/2” to 157”
  • Tolerance:
    • +/- .020” (standard)
    • *Alternate tolerances available by request
    • Up to 3” (+/-.005”)
    • > 3” to 6” (+/-.010”)
    • > 6” to 8” (+/-.031”)
  • Min. Hole Size:
    • t< 1/2” = .200”
    • 1/2” to 1-3/16” = .250”
    • 1- 1/4” to 2-1/2” = .300”
    • 2- 1/2” to 5” = .375” 5” to 8” = 1.00”
  • Max Plate Capacity:
    • 78” x 157”

Quick turnaround

Incredible accuracy

Burr-free parts

Variable speeds

Highly durable parts


High Quality Service

Customer Support

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Modern Equipment

Years of Experience

Expert Team

Quick turnaround

Incredible accuracy

Burr-free parts

Variable speeds

Highly durable parts


How Does 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Work?

Our 5-Axis Waterjet cutting machine is used to produce flat-cut parts. The machine is controlled using CNC technology, which allows for repeatability of movement and greater precision and can be used to cut softer materials such as rubber or foam. For hard materials such as sheet metal, an abrasive substance is added to the nozzle and can switch between water cutting and abrasive water cutting depending on the application.


5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Large Format Projects

Abrasive 5-Axis Waterjets are ideally suited for heavy gauge applications with materials such as aluminum, steel, titanium, Inconel, brass, tool steel, glass, stone or composites. Ideal for cutting larger or multiple part projects with rapid water level control for submerged cutting and a large work envelope. Our 5-axis waterjet machine specializes in handling large format projects to better support our customers' needs.

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Sheet Metal

5-axis Waterjet cutting is ideal for sheet metal projects with thick material or ones that have patterns with large tolerances. 5-axis Waterjet cutting allows the metal to remain flat through the process. There are a lot of factors that come into play specific to the end cost of your cutting project but waterjet cutting for sheet metal is one to consider.


No Heat Affected Zones with 5-axis Waterjet Cutting

5- Axis Waterjet technology is used to cut a wide range of materials. Great for heavy or structural components like large processing line equipment parts, assembly parts, farm equipment, or for any design part application calling for thick material and tight feature tolerance.

5- Axis Waterjet Cutting Materials

Our machine shop features high pressure waterjet cutting and machining with a fast turn around on parts. 5-axis Waterjet cutting is an effective tool for the cutting of reflective materials and alloys including:

● Aluminum
● Steel
● Titanium
● Tool steel
● Composites
● Carbon steel
● Stainless steel

● Brass
● Copper
● Exotic alloys
● Foam
● Plastics
● Rubber
● Silicone


Advantages of 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting

5-Axis Waterjet cutting is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes and suitable for many applications. Although waterjet cutting is similar to laser cutting in some applications, waterjet cutting services result in low-contact, no-heat cutting that produces burr-free parts, can be more affordable, eliminates some secondary operations, and reduces material waste because of the ability to provide close nesting of cut parts. Our 5-axis waterjet cutting machine allows us to produce cuts on materials in virtually any orientation and at any angle (ranging from 0 to 90 degrees). This capability enables consistent and reliable production of complex and intricate parts, including those requiring beveling, 3D, and contouring. 

In addition to its versatility, 5-axis waterjet cutting has the following benefits:

● Wide variety of material types
● Minimal heat-affected zone
● Incredible accuracy
● Variable speeds
● Efficient material usage
● Highly durable parts
● Cost-effective
● Quick turnaround
● Produces complex shapes

● Cutting tolerances as close as +/-.005"
● Burr-free parts
● Low contact force of the cutting stream
● Small kerf width to allow tight nesting and optimal material usage
● No distortion or warping of materials
● No Tooling Required


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At Dale Brisco Inc., we recognize that your project’s needs are specific. That is why our team is ready to review your project’s design and determine the best cutting method for your project — whether it’s waterjet or laser cutting, or another CNC machining service that we offer.

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