Welding Equipment

DBI Has The Following Equipment Capacity:

  • Miller Syncrowave 250 - Tig Welder
  • Miller CP 302 - Welder - Mig Welder
  • Millermatic 250 - Welder - Mig Welder
  • Miller CP300 - Welder - Mig Welder
  • IPG Photonics LightWELD - Laser Welder
  • Entron EN1000 Resistance - Welding Control
  • VEVOR HD-10 110V - Rotary Welding Positioner

Welding Services in Fresno, Madera, Merced and Surrounding Areas

Dale Brisco Inc., we specialize in a wide range of welding services, from aluminum and steel to stainless steel, and more. With our experienced and certified welders, we provide the highest quality welding services available.

We can accommodate almost any welding project, from small repair jobs to large-scale fabrication projects. No matter the size of your welding project, we guarantee fast and accurate results. Our team of experts can assist you in developing the best solution for your needs.

MIG Welding

TIG Welding

Laser Welding

Custom Welding

Certified Welders

Fast and Accurate

MIG Welding

TIG Welding

Laser Welding

Custom Welding

Certified Welders

Fast and Accurate

Our Welding Capabilities

Dale Brisco Inc., our in-depth welding capabilities allow us to support almond huller processing line equipment, farm equipment, machine components such as bearings, bearing housings, and bushings and so much more.

The welding process joins two unconnected metal sections together into a single workpiece using pressure and heat.

We offer the following Welding Services:

  • MIG Welding Services
  • TIG Welding Services
  • Laser Welding Services
  • Custom Welding Services
Welder welding parts in Fresno CA

1) MIG Welding Services

MIG welding uses a consumable wire electrode fed through the welding gun. The gun’s heat causes the electrode to melt, which creates a filler material used in joining the two metal components together. The process gets its name from the gas mixture dispersed over the electrode, which shields it from outside contamination.

Benefits of MIG Welding services include:

  • All position capability.
  • Long welds can be made without starts and stops.
  • Minimal post weld cleaning is required.
  • Higher deposition rates than SMAW.
  • Gain extra life out of the product.
MIG & TIG Welding Services in Fresno California

2) TIG Welding Services

TIG (tungsten inert gas) is a process where high quality and precision is required. TIG can be used to produce incredibly strong, corrosive-resistant, and precision welds on a variety of metals, including aluminum, carbon steel, iron, magnesium, nickel, steel, and stainless steel, with many filler metals.

Benefits of TIG Welding services include:

  • Stronger high-quality welds.
  • Welds can be made with or without filler metal.
  • Precise control of welding variables (heat).
  • Free of spatter.
  • Low distortion.
  • Greater control over the weld

3) Laser Welding Services

Laser welding is a highly precise and cost-effective joining process that fuses metals or thermoplastics together with a powerful beam of light energy. The localized heat generated by lasers produces welds enabling exceptionally thin materials to be welded rapidly with minimal thermal distortion.

Benefits of Laser Welding services include:

  • High Speeds & High Strength
  • Complex Geometric Projects
  • Deep Welds & Narrow Welds
  • Automated Process & Minimal Distortion
  • Can handle a variety of Material Types and Thicknesses
  • Minimal Heat Affected Zone
Welding services in Central Valley CA

4) Custom Welding Services

We offer custom welding services. We understand that not all welding projects are identical and may require specialized tools, processes, and techniques to create a unique product. Our team of experienced welders is here to provide the best possible welding solutions for any project, no matter how complex.

Benefits of Custom Welding services include:

  • Versatility
  • Increased Strength and Durability
  • Quality and Precision
  • Adaptability and Compatibility
  • Effectiveness
  • Long Lifespan

Craft Your Next Project with us!

The type of welding you choose will depend on several factors, including the materials you are working with, the thickness of those materials, and the desired strength of the weld.

To help you  determine which type of welding service is right for your needs, speak to one of our expert engineers who can assess your project’s prints and specifications.

Our experienced team is here to provide the best possible welding solutions for any project, no matter how complex.

Contact us to learn more about our welding services or request a quote today! Send us a DXF or PDF of your project for a quick review.



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